Courses Taught

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TA 105 Stagecraft Lecture & Lab
TA 111 Tech Lab I
TA 113 Theatre Production
TA 114 Theatre Production
TA 180 Theatre Crafts
TA 185 Crew-Performance Lab
TA 235 Drawing & Rendering
TA 243 Stage Management
TA 270 Scenic Design
TA 299 Career Development Sophomore Review*
TA 311 Tech Lab II
TA 312 Theatre Production II
TA 342-345 Assistant Designers Scenic, Lighting**, Costume**
TA 425 Career Development Senior Showcase*
* co-instructor, ** instructor of record

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THPR 160 Survey of Theatrical Design
THPR 550 Props
THPR 580 Introduction to Scenic Design
THPR 218 Drafting for Theatre I
THPR 347 Drafting for Theatre II
THPR 718 Drafting for Theatre I
THPR 847 Drafting for Theatre II
THPR 660 Special Topics

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TH 102 Introduction to Technical Theatre
TH 220 Stagecraft
TH 301 Introduction to Design
TH 351 Stage Management
TH 410 Stage Management Seminar & Practicum
TH 429 VectorWorks

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THTR 105 Theatrical Style & Creation
THTR 110 Introduction to Theatrical Design
THTR 165 Practicum: Scenery and Lighting Crew
THTR 210 Scenic Design

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THR 105 Intro to Theatre
THR 300 Drama: Text to Performance
THR 347 Special Topics: Scene Painting, Props, and Design

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THE 105 Theatre Appreciation
THE 106 Stagecraft
THE 107 Stagecraft Lab
THE 110 Drafting for Theatre

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THE 452 Scene Painting

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THE 256 Scene Painting and Props
THE 251 Theatre Production, Scene Painting, Props

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THE 110 Fundamentals Technical Theatre Lab

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IMA 680 Scenic Design Theory

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Undergraduate Level

THEA 21521 Theatrical Drafting
THEA 21621 Scene Design
THEA 21622 Scene Painting
THEA 41306 Professional Aspects
THEA 41525 Props & Crafts
THEA 41620 History of Period Styles (WIC)
THEA 41622 Design Studio: Scenery
THEA 13092 BFA Freshman Practicum Design-Tech
THEA 23092 BFA Sophomore Practicum Design-Tech
THEA 33092 BFA Junior Practicum Design-Technology
THEA 43092 BFA Senior Practicum Design-Technology
THEA 22092 Practicum I: Design/Tech Paint/Props
THEA 42092 Practicum II: Design/Tech Paint/Props
THEA 41096 Independent Study
THEA41900 Capstone Project

Graduate Level
THEA 51525 Props & Crafts
THEA 51622 Design Studio Scenery
THEA 61095 Production Studio (SpecialTopics)
THEA 61420 Production Studio
THEA 61531 Period Styles for Theatrical Designers
THEA 61306 Professional Aspects
THEA 61623 Digital Rendering for Theatre
THEA 61310 MFA Design/Tech Culminating Project
THEA 61096 Individual Investigation-Theatre & Drama
THEA 63001 Scene Design I
THEA 63002 Scene Design II
THEA 62092 MFA Practicum
THEA 63092 Production Lab Scene Design

TamARA L. Honesty
Scenic Designer
Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.
When you hire Tammy Honesty you get a generous collaborator and an innovative designer/educator.  Through active listening, conversation, and research, she creates a vision for the production that fulfills or exceeds the director’s expectations. She understands deadlines, understands budgets, and understands working as a member of a team. Tammy brings a positive energy to every production meeting and technical rehearsal. She is not easily flustered and open to change. Tammy is always the consummate professional.